Ready to Thrive? Thrive Energy Cookbook Review

thrive cookbook

Even if I don't eat perfectly all the time (and I definitely don't), I love learning more about foods and recipes designed to make me feel my best. For a lot of people right now, that's going Paleo, but since the only meat I eat is seafood, aiming …
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Eating My Words: The Athlete’s Cookbook

Athletes Cookbook

It's never fun to give a bad review of a product. When I reviewed The Vegan Athlete last year, I perhaps unleashed my most critical review to date. I believe the words "let down" and "rather useless" made an appearance, and I ended the post saying …
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Nom-Noming Through the Nom Nom Paleo Cookbook


Confession: I kind of have a blogger crush on Nom Nom Paleo. I've been reading the site for years, and while sometimes I've been a bit intimidated by some of the recipes (So many steps! I need a pressure cooker! And more time!), I love, love, love …
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Racing Weight Cookbook Review (and Recipe for One-Pot Quinoa, Chicken & Veggies)

racing weight cookbook

Forgetting to grab a pre-workout snack before, say, a Zumba class or a three-mile run isn't ideal, but chances are you'll be able to push through, even if you're a little drained (and hungry!) at the end. But when it comes to endurance sports and the …
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