A 6-Layer Salad to Satisfy Everyone

layer salad

It's been said I make a pretty decent salad. And not just by me, I swear. Hey, we all have our talents, right? Mine happens to be coming up with a tasty mixture of veggies and such. In honor of Fit Bottomed Girls' sixth birthday, I thought I'd …
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Belgian Endive Salad With Avocado


Now that spring is in full swing you’ll most likely find yourself eating more of those Big-Ass Salads. Romaine, Boston, iceberg and leaf may win the popularity contest (with spinach coming in close behind), but don’t limit your selection of salad …
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3 Healthy and Easy Baby Kale Recipes


What's better than kale? Baby kale! And these three baby kale recipes from from Linda LaRue, creator of The Core Transformer and author of the SOUPer Slim Diet, are a fabulous way to enjoy this uber healthy green!  Roughly the size of baby …
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The Perfect Trio: Strawberry, Avocado and Goat Cheese


It's strawberry season here in Florida, and while I didn't make it down to the Florida Strawberry Festival, I have definitely taken advantage of the deals my local store is offering on those bright red Plant City gems. Only problem is (and believe …
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The Savory Side of Chocolate, Part One: Spinach Salad with Chocolate Vinaigrette


There is no debating chocolate's popularity. That heavenly mixture of cocoa, butter and sugar is adored worldwide. Glossy, dark confections perfectly lined up in a handsome box; a warm, flaky croissant with a sweet dark center; Grandma's gooey, …
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Eat Clean in the New Year With This Detox Salad


Looking to start the New Year off on a healthier and cleaner note? Say hello to this Detox Salad from Beaming, which offers plant-based, organic, superfood products that taste good, too. We're not usually into the whole "detox" thing, but if you …
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Moroccan Kale Salad Recipe: The Perks of Dining With Vegan Foodies

thumbnail kale

Yes, yes, there are perks of dining with foodies. You get to sample foods and flavors you'd never experience otherwise. You also get to stress when it's your turn to host dinner night. The last time my husband and I met up with our vegan foodie …
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