The SimplyRaw Kitchen Sour Kream and Onion Dip Recipe


One of the scariest things about committing to a certain way of eating, be it Paleo, gluten-free, vegan, raw or anything else, is the idea of never eating certain foods again. Or, if you can find them in a form that meets your dietary restrictions, …
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A Macaroni and Cheese Clone Dupes the Best of Them

mac and cheese

How does one begin to combat a food that has been ingrained into the lives of nearly eight generations of children and is considered as American as apple pie; a product that advertisers have expertly implanted in our brain, one that conjures memories …
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Sunday’s Finest Buttermilk Oven-Fried Chicken Recipe


My last When In Rome post made us realize that comfort food doesn’t necessarily have to be congruent with heavy, greasy, "I need to take a nap" food. I've often wondered how eating something that sits like a rock in your belly and makes you feel like …
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Anything But the Grease: An Egg Roll Begs for Mercy


I have never been a fan of the egg roll. You start with crispy, stir-fried Asian vegetables (yum), wrap ‘em up like little packages (how cute) and then drown their ass in grease (yuck). After a good dunking you can’t even taste the fresh carrots or …
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Vegan Cookies Made Easy!

cookies on cookie sheet

I've never denied my weakness for baked goods. If you put a cookie, cupcake, bar, or muffin in front of me, I will eat it. There will be no discussion; that is just the way it will be. You will turn away for just a second, and when you return, there …
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Dairy-Free Vanilla Bean-Honey Ice Cream: Scream For It


Whether it be homemade or store-bought, good ol’ vanilla or Baskin Robbins trademarked Jamoca Almond Fudge, single dip or double, reduced-fat or fully loaded, soft-serve or a rock-hard scoop, everyone from nine to 90 likes it. We’re talking ice …
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You Say Donut; I Say Fonut


Instead of a desk and a computer, my work environment as a former pastry chef was equipped with industrial-sized ovens and mixers. File cabinets and clipboards were replaced with rolling pins, pastry bags and recipes. Aromas of freshly baked cakes, …
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