Cinco Chow Down! And How to Make Watermelon Agua Fresca


Like most of America, I celebrated Cinco de Mayo yesterday, even though I am ... how do I say this ... well, I'm about as gringo as it gets. The holiday, a celebration of the Mexican victory over French forces in the 1862 Battle of Puebla, wasn't …
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Sriracha-Strawberry Margarita Recipe


You've probably had a strawberry margarita before, but have you ever made a sriracha-strawberry margarita before? Because, um, if you haven't yet, you haven't lived! Whether it's Cinco de Mayo or not, this Sriracha-Strawberry Margarita recipe …
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The Perfect St. Patrick’s Day Recipe: Corned Beef and Cabbage


It's almost St. Patrick's Day, so you can probably guess what we'll be enjoying this weekend ... green beer and corned beef and cabbage, of course! I am a huge fan of corned beef and cabbage. In fact, whether it's March or not, my husband and I …
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A Little Bite of Heaven: Chocolate Chex Truffles


Okay, okay, maybe we should have named Sweet Tooth Week "Truffles Week" because today we are sharing yet another truffles recipe with you! But it's really not our fault. Chocolate truffles really might be the perfect dessert. They're small, come in …
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Dreamy (Vegan!) Peppermint Patties

Vegan Yorks

One of my biggest vices in college (aside from the obvious trifecta of beer, pizza and sleeping until noon) was sugar. More specifically, the sugar that made up York Peppermint Patties. I'm not sure why they appealed to me so much, but there was …
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