Not Sure What to Do With Juice Pulp? Make This Dish With Your Leftovers!


Tish got a juicer a year or so ago, and whenever I'm out in LA visiting her, she almost always makes us juice. (I'm so lucky!) Problem is, when she's done, there's all of this beautiful pulp left over. And we're not talking like a tablespoon or two, …
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Ruby’s Raspberry Dazzle Protein Shake


As y'all know, we're not big on the whole detox/cleanse thing. But The Clean in 14 Detox book caught our hungry eyeballs because it's not about just drinking your food (or fasting altogether --- ahhh!). It's all about using real, whole food to help …
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Sriracha-Strawberry Margarita Recipe


You've probably had a strawberry margarita before, but have you ever made a sriracha-strawberry margarita before? Because, um, if you haven't yet, you haven't lived! Whether it's Cinco de Mayo or not, this Sriracha-Strawberry Margarita recipe …
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Cucumber Mojito Recipe and Prairie Organic Spirits Review

prairie organics

When you've committed to eating clean, you want even your indulgences to reflect that choice. You want cocktails made with freshly squeezed lemon juice and organic honey, and the liquor you add to it needs to hold its own as well. Enter Prairie …
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Two Spring Cocktails: From Low-Cal Fruitiness to a Spicy Splurge

cocktails for everyone

I'm a big fan of cocktails that require just a couple of ingredients but pack a major punch, and sometimes, the best way to get there is to start with a vodka that brings a lot of flavor all by itself. Sure, freshly ground ginger and organic heirloom …
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