5-Minute Asian Salad Recipe

asian salad recipe

Today, for Guest Bloggers’ Week, we've brought in Sheryl Hammontree (who loves a spiralizer as much as we do)! Sheryl is the owner of the Fit Pit and a graduate of the University of Kansas with a background in advertising and design. She spends her …
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A Pancake Recipe You’ll Dream About


Hope you're hungry, because today's post for Guest Bloggers' Week comes from Michelle Chalkey, the blogger behind 4-Layer Cake, where offers advice and personal experience in the four layers of her happiness --- baking, running, reading and writing. …
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Grilled Shrimp and Pineapple Tacos With Sriracha Lime Cream Recipe

grilled shrimp tacos

To kick off Guest Bloggers’ Week, Meadoe a busy, working mom (with a brown belt in taekwando!) who writes about her adventures in food and fitness for her blog Out on a Limb, is sharing a shrimp and pineapple taco recipe we can't wait to try. She and …
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Healthy Lunch Ideas for Every Appetite

A working woman eating lunch using smart phone,phone at her desk

Do you work in a sea of office building with not a lunch counter in sight? Or maybe you’re just trying to save a buck. No matter, at FBE we know what a challenge it is to brown bag it, but taking your lunch to work is one of the best ways to take …
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Healthy Tailgate Recipe: Italian Chicken on the Grill


Are you ready for some football? We are! Forget the burgers and brats this fall and tailgate like a pro! This healthy tailgate recipe won’t leave you with a Monday morning food hangover and a surplus of stored calories. (Did you know that to burn …
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Five-Minute Gluten-Free French Toast in a Mug


It's been awhile since I made my five-minute chocolate-chip pumpkin muffin in a mug recipe, but the other day, I had a big ol' hankering for French toast and thought to myself, I wonder if I could mugify* those flavors, too ... (*Mugify: a verb, …
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Fruity and Frugal Pineapple Tea


White, green, oolong or black, I’ve never had much of a taste for tea. Its appeal eluded my senses; most of what I sampled was either extremely bitter or flavorless. Some herbal concoctions (which aren’t even tea at all) tasted so earthy that I’d …
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