Fresh Pineapple Upside Down Cake Recipe


The upside down cake has survived many transformations. Originally cooked in a cast iron skillet over an open flame, the one-pan wonder grew in popularity with the introduction of canned tropical fruit in the early 1900s. By the 1950s, yellow cake …
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Healthy Eating Hack: An Easy Way to Eat More Veggies


Find yourself reaching for the chips or other processed foods every time the 3 p.m. munchies hit? Or do you want to eat more veggies, but find that chopping them all is so much work --- especially when you're hungry and need to eat NOW? We feel …
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Beans! Cheese! Look What’s Back on the Menu (With Giveaway!)


The following post is sponsored by Beano. For our sponsored post policy, click here. Remember those digestive issues I talked about late last month? And how I was pumped to take the Beano Back on the Menu Challenge and reintroduce a few foods that …
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Iced Mint Tea with Chia Seeds


This summer I have been obsessed with iced tea. Okay, maybe not quite as much as our beloved Susan who has opinions on the matter (although, for the record, I totally agree with her!), but hot summer day after hot summer day, it's been the …
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Protein Matters: How Much Protein You Need a Day


You've probably read over and over again that protein is essential for a number of things --- muscle growth, workout recovery, weight-loss, feeling full, powering your daily activities --- but do you know how much protein you need a day? We recently …
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Taco Tuesday: CSA Veggie Taco Recipe


I've been splitting a CSA share with a friend, and I think my favorite thing about it (other than it feeling like a veggie-lover's Christmas every other week) is the fact that it pushes me to find new ways to use familiar veggies because, some weeks? …
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The Health Benefits of Coconut Oil: Healthy Obsession or Hype?


Dietary fat is essential for survival. It provides energy, keeps that neuron-firing brain ticking and helps the body fight disease. Too little fat in the diet can be just as detrimental as too much. For optimum health it’s imperative to ingest not …
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Are Women Fueling The Wrong Way?

Stacy At Stanford small 2

In 1980, women made up only 11 percent of the running population. Today, they make up almost half the running population. Women outnumber men in half marathons and are taking to triathlon in growing numbers. Female-centric races such as the Women's …
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