A Town for Gluten-Free Foodies: Seattle (Part Two!)


Yep. I'm still thinking and dreaming of Seattle. When it comes to good places to eat gluten-free, it's just top notch. Seriously. I mean, I found all of these great places the first full day we were there, but the second day was pretty epic. In fact, …
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Making New Memories While Celebrating the Old at Roy’s Waikiki

roy's menu

When we travel, Jared and I make a solid effort to avoid chain restaurants, preferring to explore local spots with food that better represents the area. Plus, that tends to be a great way to chat with locals and get the scoop on what's fun and unique …
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Viva Il Carboidrato Amidacei! (Long Live the Starchy Carbohydrate!)


Starchy carbohydrates get a lot of bad press. High in calories but low in nutrients, many health conscious people avoid ‘em like the plague. Here in the good ol’ U.S. of A. I’ve witnessed grain-haters contemptuously flick the most nominal smattering …
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