10 Steps to Feel and Look AH-mazing This Summer


Want to look amazing this summer? Better question: Want to feel amazing this summer --- and always? Today's post comes from Arielle Fierman, board certified health and nutrition coach, who is sharing her oh-so healthy advice for feeling …
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Trying to Lose Weight? Stock Your Pantry With These Staples


How healthy is your pantry? Do you have the good stuff in there to help you prepare a nutritious meal no matter what's in the fridge? If you're trying to lose weight, is it supporting those efforts? If so, rock on! If not, today's guest post is for …
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7 Natural Snacks and Sweet Treats to Look for This Year


You guys know that Lori Rice of Fake Food Free is one of our fave bloggers --- and that she makes amazing recipes, like these Chocolate Peanut Truffles. But being that awesome foodie that she is, Lori also keeps up with all the all-natural food …
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Chocolate Peanut Truffles with Coconut


Remember a couple of months ago when we featured Lori Rice of the gorgeous foodie blog Fake Food Free? Well, she's back for Sweet Tooth Week! And she's tapping into Karen's healthy obsession by sharing a fabulous chocolate peanut truffles recipe …
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Got a Food Craving? Eat This Instead!


Food cravings. They get us all from time to time. And while we are never about denying your deepest food urges, we are all about finding a way to indulge them in a way that is just as tasty but a little bit healthier and cleaner. So, without further …
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Goji Persimmon Smoothie Recipe


We shared that super yummy detox salad recipe from Beaming yesterday and, gosh, it was just so darn tasty that we had to nab another one from there to share. This one is the Goji Persimmon Smoothie Recipe --- and it's as tasty and healthy as it is …
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How to Make Your Own All-Natural Sports Drink


Back in my marathon-training days, I used to go through a lot of Gatorade. Like, a lot. But never once did it dawn on me to make my own. FACE PALM. It is so darn easy to make your own sports drink. It takes little time, you can make as much or …
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