Candice Kumai Talks Recipe Rehab, Favorite Splurges and More (With Cookbook Giveaway!)


When your catchphrase is "All things in moderation, including moderation," you're going to get our attention. Because that quote is awesome. And former model-turned chef Candice Kumai is awesome, plus. Besides dropping make-ya-think-and-make-ya-laugh …
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Honestly Good: Taste-Testing and Eating at The Publican in Chicago at BlogHer


It's no secret that I'm a sucker for taste-testing. Beer, wine, cheese. Let's taste all the things! Okay, that sounded oddly inappropriate. But really, taste-testing is fun! So when I was recently in Chicago for BlogHer (a little bit about why …
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What’s in Alison Sweeney’s Fridge — And How She Organizes It For Healthier Eats


When it comes to healthy eats, “out of sight, out of mind” is a great motto --- and one that TV host, actress and healthy living advocate and mom, Alison Sweeney lives by, especially when it comes to stocking her fridge. We recently got to chat with …
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Robert Irvine Shares His Carrot Vinaigrette for Eye Health, Workout Plan—and Giveaway!


Robert Irvine, start of the Food Network hit show Restaurant: Impossible is just one of those guys who looks fit. I mean, seriously. Look at those arms! He is clearly doing something right in the eating-right and working-out department, and …
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Fuel Your Passion: Pro Triathlete & Registered Dietitian Kim Schwabenbauer Shares Her Top 10 Must-Have Foods


After a long running career at the high school and collegiate levels, Kim Schwabenbauer decided to try her hand at triathlon. “It’s usually a good idea to know how to swim freestyle first, but I decided breast stroke would do just fine!” laughs …
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