Denise Austin’s Skinny Nachos with Veggie Chili Recipe


A few weeks ago, Fit Bottomed Mamas shared the deliciousness that is Denise Austin's Skinny Enchiladas recipe, and today we've got the skinny (see what I did there?) on her nachos with veggie chili recipe from her 10-Week Plan. While it's a yummy yet …
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Togarashi Grilled Cauliflower with Grilled Spring Onions and Plums


A lot of people think vegetarian and vegan cuisine is boring or not filling. But let me tell you, despite the fact that I do eat a fair amount of meat, I've had some deliciously belly-stuffing vegan meals in my day. One of them that I look back on …
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6 Fitness Tips Chef Robert Irvine Swears By


We've featured Chef Robert Irvine before, and today, in celebration of Fit Bottomed Dudes' Week over on FBG, we're doing it again! Because when you say "dude" and "fit," one of the fittest dudes we know is Robert Irvine. In addition to being an …
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Book Review: Rocco DiSpirito’s The Pound a Day Diet


Today over on Fit Bottomed Girls we have a pretty hot Q&A with one of the cutest and most charming chefs around: Rocco DiSpirito. You can read the full interview here, but in it he talks a lot about his new book The Pound a Day Diet ... which …
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The Dooce Juice: Talking With Heather B. Armstrong About All Things Food


Recently on Fit Bottomed Girls, I shared my interview with Heather B. Armstrong, creator of the popular blog, You know I couldn't just stop at the fitness questions. Fitness and well-being means discussing the whole healthy enchilada and …
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