Fit Bottomed Eats was co-founded by Jennipher Walters and Erin Whitehead. Due to the sites’ increasing popularity, Jenn and Erin have expanded the team to include contributing writers, bringing new content and other fun, fresh perspectives to the sites.

Jennipher Walters: As co-founder Fit Bottomed Girls, Fit Bottomed Mamas and Fit Bottomed Eats, Jenn is hungry for a healthy lifestyle. With several fitness credentials under her belt: ACE-certified personal trainer, health coach, and advanced health and fitness specialist, and an AFAA-certified group exercise instructor, Jenn also has a journalism degree from the University of Missouri and an MA in health journalism from the University of Minnesota. She has written for numerous online publications including Shape magazine, SparkPeople and Diets in Review. In her free time, Jenn can be found chomping on kale, updating her 1960s-decorated home in Kansas City, Mo., creating the largest salads known to man, doing CrossFit, sipping on a good glass of cab and running with her pup. (But not all at the same time, of course.)


Erin Whitehead: Co-founder Erin has years of workout experience and is well versed in healthy living news and trends, and brings a normal-gal approach to the mix. Erin has a journalism degree from the University of Kansas and is known for being a total word nerd. Born and raised in Topeka, Kan., Erin has settled in New Jersey after living—and loving—time spent in Lawrence, Kan., and Menlo Park, Calif. When not working out and eating right, Erin can be found hanging with her husband, daughter, son and pug. Her fave pastimes include reading and devouring entire seasons of TV shows in just days via Netflix. She’s always looking for quick and easy healthy meals to make!


Kelsey Brazelton: Kelsey grew up around food her whole life. As a child, she watched and helped her mom cook. Her entire family consists of great cooks and there is never a party or get-together without some kind of food. Kelsey has eaten healthy food most of her life, as her mother instilled in her to eat her vegetables. Well, it paid off. Kelsey is always scrounging cookbooks and the internet for new and healthy recipes to try.


margoMargo Donohue: Margo is the creator of the blog, Brooklyn Fit Chick, which has been noted for its lively tone and unique take on fitness and a healthy lifestyle by top media including Shape and Fitness magazine, and MSN’s Margo is an AFAA-certified group fitness instructor who teaches several classes per week and has private clientele as a NASM-certified personal trainer in her favorite place in the world—Brooklyn, New York. She earned her degree in speech-communications in 1994 from San Jose State University.


Raquel Guss: For Raquel, loving food is an understatement: Food is an experience to be shared and enjoyed with friends and loved ones. Even though her kitchen is full of healthy alternatives for all of her “sweet” vices, she enjoys taking Man V. Food-style road trips across the country, taking a “bite” out of each state. Born and raised on the islands of Hawaii, she’ll be receiving her bachelor’s in journalism at Northeastern University in Boston.


Susan Lacke: As the Token Vegetarian for Fit Bottomed Eats, Susan is more than happy to take on questions ranging from “How do I start a plant-based lifestyle?” to “What the heck do I do with kale?” Her favorite question, however, is one she asks almost daily: “Honey, are you gonna finish that ice cream?” Food is central to her life, fueling her training for 5Ks, Ironman triathlons and everything in between. Susan holds a Doctorate in Health Education from A.T. Still University, yet still burns toast. (They don’t teach the important stuff in school anymore…) When she’s not eating or training, she’s a columnist and editor for No Meat Athlete, a website for vegetarian endurance athletes, and Competitor, Triathlete and Women’s Running magazines. Check out her website:


Linda_LaRue-HeadshotLinda LaRue: Avowed foodie Angelina, Linda LaRue, RN MEd, ATC, Creator of the Core Transformer and best-selling core workout infomercial Crunchless Abs is a registered nurse and athletic trainer with a Master’s degree in exercise physiology and sports medicine from the University of Virginia. She has been a leader and pioneer within the field of functional core performance for the past 20 years. As a Master Personal Trainer and fitness instructor, she has consulted with some of the world’s top health and fitness experts and professional sports teams. For the past decade she has been writing healthy lifestyle pieces including her seasonal, farm-to-table local farmer’s market finds for The Palisadian Post,, her popular blog Make Healthy A Lifestyle and now Fit Bottomed Eats!


tish-merrittTish Merritt: Tish started out as a guest writer for Fit Bottomed Girl in July 2009 and quickly caught the fitness writing bug, becoming a part of the FBG team. Not only did the FBGs give her the oomph she needed to make her health and fitness a priority (she’s gone from couch potato to marathoner!), they also got her to finally use her journalism degree from the University of Kansas. She currently lives in the Los Angeles area, covering all things West Coast fitness—and now healthy eats, too! She also writes regularly on her own blog, Luv and Kiwi.


Karen RomeoKaren Timper: An early love of cooking made the culinary arts an obvious career choice for Karen. With cooking comes a lot of tasting, so in 1982 she joined her first gym to ward off the negative affects of the trade and her second passion was born. She effectively learned to balance the two devotions and has maintained a healthy lifestyle for the past three decades. Karen earned a Hospitality Management Degree, specializing in baking, from the American Culinary Federation Chefs Apprenticeship Program while working full time in the industry. Currently, she likes to travel and sample regional cuisines—and most recently had the opportunity to work with chefs in both Tuscany and Curacao. She can usually be found in her kitchen testing new recipes for her husband Bill and their pet Chester, a 21-pound cat with a shoe fetish.


kristen-small-300x200Kristen Seymour: Kristen nearly failed Home Ec in middle school. She refused to learn to cook (and let’s not even talk about sewing—pass the hot glue gun, please!) until she was out of college (and out of money) and realized that, if she wanted to keep eating tasty meals, she was going to have to create them. She’s a pescatarian married to a man who truly enjoys a rare steak, meaning she’s well-versed in creating meals that will work with or without meat added in. She’s an avid triathlete (with more enthusiasm than skill) who also loves basketball, volleyball, walking her dogs and cuddling with her cat. (And her husband, of course.) She considers herself a lifelong athlete, and has been a columnist for Fit Bottomed Girls since 2010.


Crystal-YangCrystal Yang: Crystal is a proud native of Manhattan Beach, Calif., a town that has developed her love for surfing, beach volleyball, swimming, yoga and an all-around active and healthy lifestyle. From food (pre-dominantly vegetarian) to sports, fitness, wellness and travel, Crystal is a lover of life who enjoys sharing her passion and experiences through writing, photography, music and as a publicist. Being kind to the environment and being as natural and organic in all aspects of life is extremely important to her. Crystal is an alumna of UC Irvine and also writes for, The Inertia and has contributed to ESPN HS.


erika-headshot-100Erika Morgan: Erika has been with FBG as of April 2014 as an intern. She is a student at UMKC studying communications with an emphasis on journalism and mass media. She has one year left in her undergraduate program, then plans to go on and receive her Masters in Business Administration. She enjoys writing more than anything, but after losing 30 pounds a few years ago, she really became passionate about health and fitness. FBG seemed to be a perfect fit for her in order to combine her two passions. She really enjoys the outdoors (minus the bugs), cooking and eating, playing the piano, and she has a minor online-shopping addiction. And she’s also a little pet crazy with three dogs and a 20-pound cat!

Currently, Fit Bottomed Eats is not looking to expand its team. If this changes, we’ll be sure to let you know!