Everly: Active Drink Mixes That Support a Really Good Cause


I've always loved Tom's One for One movement. You buy something; you give something. It's awesome, and it feels like a more engaged and conscious way to shop. So when a few boxes of Everly drink mixes arrived at FBE HQ --- drink mixes that are …
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Next Time Just Order the Steak


At a recent dinner out, a friend of mine announced she was "dieting" and ordered the fish, a dry baked potato and steamed broccoli. She dutifully ate it, all the time eyeballing my husband’s flatiron steak. She didn’t enjoy her meal in the least and …
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7 Natural Snacks and Sweet Treats to Look for This Year


You guys know that Lori Rice of Fake Food Free is one of our fave bloggers --- and that she makes amazing recipes, like these Chocolate Peanut Truffles. But being that awesome foodie that she is, Lori also keeps up with all the all-natural food …
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Pu-erh: The New Healthy Tea You Probably Haven’t Heard of Yet


We've tried a few teas from Numi Organics and if anything they're always interesting, delicious and totally unique. So when they gave us the chance to try Chocolate Pu-erh tea, I was interested. First, well, it's chocolate, so that's a win. Second, …
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