A Grillable Black Bean, Farro and Nut Burger


Super casual, come as you are, BYOB --- we’ll provide the burgers, grill and patio. It’s the recipe for a perfect late Saturday afternoon pastime, except when I invite my vegetarian friends. Nothing against those meat-haters, but some things just …
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Breakfast for Dessert


When I was up in Minneapolis visiting General Mills, I learned a lot of things. And one of them was that a lot of people eat cereal for dessert. I mean, I know people eat Chex Mix and sometimes I'll snack on low-sugar high-protein cereal during the …
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Recipe: Sauteed Kale with Dried Plums and Coconut


Say "kale" and our ears perk up. Say "kale" and "coconut," and we darn near pass out from excitement. Which is why when the California Dried Plums Board shared this recipe with us, we had to share it with you, too! Fresh kale sautéed with cumin, …
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Healthy Snacking With KC Flare: Chex Barbecue Snack Mix


There are A LOT of restaurants I adore in Kansas City, but obviously barbecue is THE food that KC is known for. And I love it. But barbecue isn't always the healthiest option. Sure, ribs and burnt ends and fries taste awesome (especially from this …
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Recipe: Kamut Salad With Cauliflower, Olives and Raisins


Ever heard of Kamut khorasan wheat? The superfood form of wheat that's high in protein, fiber, selenium (an especially tough mineral to get naturally), zinc and magnesium? Well, now you know of it --- and here's one tasty way to enjoy it, courtesy …
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Food Fight: Vega One Bar vs. Balance Bar Dark


Are you ready to rummmble? Vega One Bar and Balance Bar Dark are, so let's get to this very protein-y, gluten-free-y and chocolaty Food Fight! Taste and Texture Vega One Bar: It's hard to hate on these because they're covered in chocolate. And not …
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