Review: Get Your Good Greens (Bars!)


Remember back in February when I mentioned the Good Greens bars? Well, at long last, we have a full review! And, peoples, it's been worth the wait. These Good Greens bars do the two main things I look for in a protein bar: they taste good and the …
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Getting Toasty With My Bright Orange Thomas’ Toaster


Buying appliances---even small ones---has always been a tough decision for me. How much should I spend? Do I really need that special feature? Will I really use it as much as I think I will? And, perhaps the toughest question of them all: What color …
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Eating Like a Cavewoman (and Hanging on South Congress) in Austin: Part Two


You saw part one of my Austin PaleoFX eating adventures last week, and now I'm happy to share part two! And like I said in my first post, Austin is one delicious town. I began my day in Austin with a green smoothie whipped up by my travel buddy …
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