Claire Robinson’s Spicy Orange Chicken Burgers Recipe

Claire actually served these little chicken burgers at the Just Add OJ event!

It has just been a juicy kind of week, hasn't it? First, Margo recounted her healthy adventures at the Just Add OJ event in New York City, and then we shared 10 fun and inventive ways to use orange juice. And today, the Florida OJ love continues with …
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Food as Medicine: The Mighty Flaxseed Gets ‘Things’ Moving (With a Recipe for Muffins!)

flax seed muffins

It happens innocently enough. Maybe you've been skimping on your water intake, or you've taken to gulping dinner over the kitchen sink. Perhaps that surprise promotion at work led to a celebratory chocolate-cake binge. Whatever it was …
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Just Add OJ: A Culinary Competition With Claire Robinson & So Many Good Ideas!


Who's ready to get juiced?! New York City was recently the location of the “Just Add OJ” culinary competition that took place on January 10 and offered a chance for attendees to taste the health benefits and versatility of 100 percent Florida OJ. …
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Aspen Fare Indulgence—Part Deux


Yesterday I shared my first day of eats in Aspen, and today I'm sharing day two... After proper hydration, a good night sleep and acclimation, I was ready for more grub, beginning with a free breakfast at the hotel I was staying at. Nothing like …
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We’re Nuts for NuttZo!


“PEANUT BUTTER!” Two words have never evoked such happiness. Runners love this diet staple, chock-full of protein, fats and fiber. We’ll spread it on a pre-run toast, dip a banana into it, use it in cooking and sometimes eat it straight from the …
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Aspen Fare Indulgence—Part One


Aspen. Known for its glitz, glamour and being the destination for the fancy people, otherwise known as celebrities. Can you blame them? In addition to that dry, fluffy snow that caps rooftops, making the town look adorably like Santa’s Village for …
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